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Name Royal Observatory of Belgium, Belgium
Abbreviation ROB-EUREF
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Description The Royal Observatory of Belgium is a federal research institute concentrating on the Earth (space geodesy, seismology, gravity, Earth rotation), the Sun (coronal holes, solar activity, sun spots, space weather), and the stars. In its department "Reference Systems and Planetology", the GNSS research group is active in the maintenance of a national GNSS network, GNSS data analysis and interpretation for monitoring ground deformations and contributing to the elaboration to international reference frames, and the study of the Earth’s atmosphere (ionosphere and troposphere). Most of these activities are embedded in international programs like the International GNSS Service (IGS) and the EUREF Permanent GPS Network (EPN), used for the maintenance of the European Terrestrial Reference System (ETRS89). The GNSS research group is responsible for the EPN Central Bureau which is performing the network coordination of the EPN consisting of more than 320 permanently tracking GNSS stations distributed over more than 35 European countries. The ROB also acts as one of the EPN GNSS data centres and analysis centres.
Products Provided
  • Daily and Weekly Time Series - These are EUREF time series from various analysis centres, combined using the CATREF software.
  • Reference positions + velocities (reference frame) - These are based on the weekly EUREF time series. Estimation is performed using the CATREF software. The reference frame is IGb08
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